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  • Girlsleak : traffic analysis and valuation

Girlsleak : traffic analysis and valuation

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girlsleak pw | Discover - Kwai

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  • Image girlsleak-pw-Kacey-Affrunti-69 hosted in ImgBB

girlsleak-pw-Kacey-Affrunti-69 hosted at ImgBB

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girls | Discover - Kwai

8. @girlzpwr - view channel telegram [Safety] Girls power

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@girlzpwr - view channel telegram [Safety] Girls power
Girlsleak Pw (2024)


Is PW not enough for JEE? ›

Ans. Physics Wallah (PW) is the best coaching for JEE mains preparation. Its vision is to give education to all at affordable prices. It provides excellent study material containing all necessary information on all subjects and topics of JEE mains.

Is Physics Wallah paid course good? ›

Physics Wallah is well-known for its exceptional quality and efficacy in preparing NEET repeaters. Physics Wallah stands for courses at affordable prices, experienced faculty, diverse course offerings, live and archived lectures, interactive doubt-resolution sessions, and comprehensive study materials.

Is PW enough for advance? ›

PW Vidyapeeth has emerged as the best coaching for JEE Advanced aspirants to help them in their preparation journey.

What happened in PW? ›

Allegations by former teachers

In response, a teacher of the company, Pankaj Sijariya, alleged in a video that the three ex-PW teachers – Tarun Kumar, Manish Dubey, and Sarvesh Dixit were offered Rs 50 million each to resign from Physics Wallah and join the rival company, Adda247.

Is PW better or unacademy? ›

Unacademy is more suitable for those who want a comprehensive and diverse learning experience with access to multiple courses and educators. Physics Wallah is more suitable for those who want a focused and personalized learning experience with guidance from Alakh Pandey Sir and his team.

Is PW best for IIT? ›

Best Online Coaching for IIT JEE In India : Physics Wallah offers the best coaching for IIT JEE. Candidates who are interested in JEE Main exam must book Coaching for IIT JEE by Physics Wallah. PW offers high-quality coaching at a very affordable price.

Is physics wallah better than aakash? ›

According to me , both aakash and pw are good but the choice depends on you. If you can study without any distraction from your device then choose physics wallah but if you know that you can't stay focused for long while using your device then definately go for aakash insitute.

Which teacher has highest salary in physics wallah? ›

More Physics Wallah Education & Instruction salaries
  • Academic Counselor. ₹ 16,374 per month. 7 salaries reported.
  • Professor. ₹ 7,18,049 per year. 9 salaries reported.
  • Assistant Professor. ₹ 7,76,182 per year. 6 salaries reported.
  • Associate Professor. ₹ 7,66,744 per year. 3 salaries reported.
  • Admission Counselor. ₹ 18,539 per month.

What is the success rate of physics wallah? ›

PW Impressive Success Rate

The overall success rate of 54% is a testament to the rigorous training and comprehensive curriculum offered by Physics Wallah.

Is physics wallah good or bad? ›

Is Physics Wallah the best online coaching? Yes, with its experienced faculty and interactive sessions, Physics Wallah is the best online coaching.

Is PW prayas enough for JEE? ›

Ans. Yes, the Prayas module is excellent for JEE preparation.

Are Dpp and PYQ enough for JEE Mains? ›

Is coaching DPP and PYQ enough for the JEE Main? Hi, I have appeared for JEE MAIN 2023 and I can say that coaching DPP and PYQ are sufficient for MAIN. But for chemistry, be sure you read the NCERT completely.

Which teacher left PW? ›

Firstly Tarun Kumar resigned and made a video on the resignation. In the video he said that his vision with PW was to provide quality education to the remote areas of the country.

Are pw modules enough for JEE reddit? ›

It is enough for jee. But the question should be - is it enough for you. So, you should better describe yourself more to be mapped with pw or any other coaching / teacher. Generally, it is ideal for ones who ask such questions.

Which is better, pw or allen for JEE? ›

Which institute is better for JEE preparation, Allen or Physics Wallah? The choice between Allen and Physics Wallah depends on individual preferences and learning styles. Allen offers a structured curriculum and experienced faculty, while Physics Wallah provides flexible online coaching with engaging teaching methods.

Is it necessary to make short notes for JEE? ›

Is making short notes important? Making short notes helps a lot during revision just before the exam. This is usually very helpful when you don't have the time to read the entire book. You can read the short notes and then directly go for problem-solving.

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