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to have tens of millions of voters voted in democratic primaries are going to be disenfranchised. we will have a couple effectively in chicago who will pointer nominee and they are going to do this likely or perhaps because they lied, concealed, they deceived for the last four years to the primary process to install joe biden who they knew was not coveted to be president but what's the bottom line? if they love america, they never would have done this you cannot have a man who does not have his wits as president of the united states of all the issues we face here and abroad. what a disgrace.

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♪ will: good morning and welcome to "fox & friends." pete: that's good. will: they were all good. phenomenal this morning. where's san jacinto peak? if. pete: i don't know, but it's 10,000 feet. will: well, you know, it's the deciding battle in the victory for the republic of texas against mexico. that's what established our independence. we don't have any 10,000 foot peaks, not even in big bend. but the magic ear says it's california. pete: near palm springs, is what they said. will: yeah, those were were awesome this morning, and your photos celebrate or suggest that you're beginning to celebrate the fourth of july as is

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everyone else on this couch because i'll be working next weekend, and i'll be much closer in approximate proximity, but these two, america got sick to its stomach and came over here and vomited on pete hegseth. [laughter] pete: these are my patriot shoes from rdc shoes. look at that. there we go. rachel: i love it. pete: bam. american flag on your foot. i love it. and they support the medal of honor society, all these great -- you get a med aaling of honor, you get information about a medal of honor recipient, their made by a marine -- rachel: does this have -- pete: no, this doesn't. i bought this on the road -- rachel: i was opening to see if he had his flag -- pete: no, but e got some here, or got some mere, got some here, got some on my socks -- will: underwear? if. [laughter] pete: yes. [laughter] rachel: based on what happened last week, you might be able to show us on air.

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pete: that's true. stay tuned. will: they are beginning to celebrate the fourth of july, and perhaps you are too as your pictures suggest. we welcome you into the week of the fourth of july and thanks for hanging out with us. rachel: the white house is denying claims that president biden will be discussing the future of his re-election campaign with his family at camp david today. pete: mean if while, voters are calling for biden to drop out of the 2024 race after his disastrous debate performance. will: madeleine rivera is live this morning with more. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. a white house official is pushing back really hard on this nbc report that the president is huddling with his family at camp david to discuss next steps after thursday. nbc reporting per a source familiar with the discussions they, referring to democrats, believe only the president in consultation with his family can decide whether to the move forward or to end his campaign early. the decision makers are who two people, the president and his wife. a white house official saying


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the president's trip to camp david was public their guidance before the debate, that it's been on the schedule for weeks. a spokesperson adding, as we've said many times and the president has said himself, he's absolutely staying in the race. there have been very public calls for the president to drop out. on the way to his first fundraiser in the hamptons on saturday, his motorcade passed a group of people with signed that concern signs that read thank you, next, and we love i uh-uh you, but it's time. "the new york post" reporting a local republican donor paid for a plane to fly over with a banner. the president acknowledged the concerns surrounding his performance on thursday telling donors i understand the concern about the debate, i get it. i didn't have a great night. voters had a different action. the polls show us up, actually. it's unclear what polls the president is referring to. meanwhile, former president trump saying on truth social as every american i saw firsthand,

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this election is a choice between strength or weakness, competence or incompetence, peace and prosperity and war or no war, and it's a choice between a president who puts america first or a train wreck

who puts america last. the president is expected to return to washington, d.c. tomorrow. guys, back to you. rachel: thank you, madeleine. >> reporter: you got it, of course. rachel: last night i saw an x post from our friend robert o'neill, and he said this, and i thought it was really interesting. the president has seven minutes to decide what to do in case of a potential nuclear launch, less time if the missiles are hypersonic. the president of the united states with needs to be mentally present at all time. kind of plays it down to what really a matters. will: you would think it would be something that goes without saying, that the president of the united states needs to be of his full mental capacity 24 hours a day, and that's not the case according to a new axios report or that says the

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president is of sound mind, he's solid for about 6 hours a day. he's best from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.. this is according to or axios. they wrote, and this is according to them saying insiders in the biden camp. rachel: stares who are leaking what it's really like. >> biden is dependently engage, and many of his public events are held within those hours. outside of that time range or while traveling abroad, biden is more likely to have verb verbal miscues and become fatigued. pete: yeah. and do you think people holding signs outside event are going to get this done as to whether he makes a decision? the kitchen cabinet for campaigns, like, small groups of people who give advice? biden's had the same kitchen cabinet for 50 years, and it's his wife, his sister and another gentleman who's 85 years old. a small group of people. those are the only people that are going to make the decision

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alongside him as to whether or not any of this changes. this is a meeting, they're meeting today at camp david. of course, the campaign vehemently denies whether he'll stay in or not -- rachel: they said it's a family photo. pete: oh, okay. rachel: ray because i guess hunter and everybody else is coming together and they're saying, no, no, we just thought the it would be a great idea after that debate to have a family photo for christmas. pete: it's like the meetings on the tarmac where they talk about kids. [laughter] everyone around him knows what's going on, and for the longest time, we'll give you a little flashback here, they've told us we're the ones that are foolish for trying to point out how he's slipping. watch. >> we're promoting clean energy and industries of the future made here in america. what i didn't realize, and i've been around -- i know i don't look lake it, but i've been around a while -- [laughter] i do remember that. >> -- is your memory and can you

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continue as president? >> my memory is so bad, i let you speak. >> how does the president plan to convince the american people over the next year that 800 is not too old for someone running for election in. >> 800 is the new 40. >> you'll be -- 80. 82 the day of the next election, 86 if you're successful and finish that term. does it give you any concern? >> watch me. [laughter] that's all i can say. will: pretty stunning, actually, to watch those videos. yeah, they gaslit us for months, for years. they called any attempt to understand or talk about the president cheap fake, taken out of context which you've been manipulated into believing the president isn't a solid world leader. but it is still interesting to see those videos. he looked better in february. pete: yeah. isn't that how it works though? it's sort of slow until it moves fastersome. rachel: yeah, it's slow are hi

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until it's suddenly. pete: you see him in '321, '22, he looks sharp -- will: comparatively. pete: and even then we're saying, uh. now it's self-evident. rachel: it's also interesting seeing the split screen. we talked a lot about that yesterday. it isn't just that joe biden had those kind of looks that you're seeing there, looking off into space, thinking about the memory home he should probably be in, but you also had donald trump really hasn't missed a step. i mean, that's the other part of the story that no one's talking about, is donald trump hasn't missed a step, and they're almost the same age. it becomes not about a age, it's really about mental capacity. pete: that's a good point. if he had slipped, that would be evident too. wrowd see that -- rachel: yeah. pete: because he's such a public figure. and, by the way, other networks try to portray and make that case. if joe's -- so is -- so they'll take things out of context. obviously, in front of tens of

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millions of people -- rachel: what do you guys think is going to happen? i read one article and suddenly i'm convinced heir going to keep him, and then i read another article, and and i'm, like, they're going to switch him out. i can't figure out what they're going to do. will: i don't know. i think the mechanics of it are very difficult. but i also think you can't spend four years telling the country you're here to save democracy and all of a sudden subvert democracy because you think you're going to lose. the democratic primary voters elected joe biden, so now all of a sudden because he's going to lose the donors and the kitchen cabinet go, no, we're going to spanish out our -- swish out our horses -- switch out our horses because we're not going to win? that's not how it works. your whole reason for existence is saving democracy. your voters picked joe biden. and, by the way, all of this is the context of whether or not he wins. that's not the point. the point is whether or not he

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can be the president for another four years, and if this is the rate of his decline from february to july, late june, what's it going to look like by 2025 when he's supposed to be running the country? and, oh, by the way, 2026, 2027 and 2028? man, you are messing with the national security of the united states of america. pete: at that point they won't even care because there's no re-election to be had, and you've got a man churn candidate with a bunch of ad visors running the country, but i don't think he goes anywhere, rachel. that stuff we looked at yesterday break down state by state, the people behind the scenes, all they want is political power. rachel: yeah. president and they think they can hide it away and manipulate it enough to try to beat trump. rachel: well, the genius behind what is this plan that's not working out now is barack obama, and he has a lot of meetings with valerie jarrett and everybody else in that -- that's the kitchen cabinet, the real

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one behind the cur a town. -- curtain. their plans aren't panning out, so they're going to have to come out with something. pete: look at the sentencing date for trump. what are they trying to do now, put him in jail? just saying. rachel: yeah. could be part of the equation, no question. will: a few additional headlines, right now french citizens are lining up at the polls for the country's snap parol elementary election. the centrist party lost its bid for the european parliament earlier this month. preelection polling shows the national rally party could win meaning the president of the party, jordan bardella, could become prime minister. the second round of voting will be on julyth. the significance of what's happening in france is to show how big of a voting impetus is illegal or any type of migration and immigration. europe has been the canary in the coal mine for america

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before. when europe says we've had enough of this whether or not it's brexit, it's interesting that america has followed some six months to a year later. rachel: we're going to break down that election later in the hour, is you want to stay tuned for that. will: a new affidavit reveals the roommate of the two suspects accused of killing a 12-year-old girl in texas last month helped arrest the two after recognizing them from a news broadcast covering the crime. the roommate was actually watching the coverage with the two suspects -- rachel: wow. will: -- when he recognized them are from these surveillance images. can you imagine? i'm just going to go to the kitchen for a moment. pete: i didn't see that. [laughter] will: the two suspects are accused of luring jocelyn nungaray under a bridge before assaulting and killing her. they're facing capital murder charges. texas dps officers say they arrested three illegal immigrants after a chasing a human smuggler in a stolen truck earlier this week. the suspect cu cut -- cutting

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through a neighborhood before going off road, hitting an overpass. several illegal immigrants and their smuggler bailed out of the truck. according to officials, the suspect -- the smuggling suspect is back in mexico. a costco dust -- costco customers are upset after the grocery chain changed the packaging of the profitly chicken from a hard shell plastic box to a plastic bag. customers complain the bags are leaky, are worse for storing leftovers andcan't be recycled in some parts of the country, but costco say the bags save the company 17 million pounds of plastic per year. i wonder if they plan on switching back to the boxes. those are your headlines. pete: those are very popular -- will: i didn't get a look at the bag. i'd be disappointed. pete: you've been to costco, you've seen the rotisserie chicken operation.

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[laughter] unbelievable. will: yeah. crack it open, get a little chicken -- yeah. what do you do with a a bag? [inaudible conversations] and then get your ziplocs out in? rachel: i feel like the bag with the heat that the plastic will leak into the chicken -- pete: chemicals. will: microplastic. rachel: you're with me. [laughter] i'm trying to save your fertility, guys. will: i know. [laughter] pete: i think we're good. i think we're good. rachel: all right. pete: by the way, the reason i am dressed up as a george washington cartoon -- will: i don't think george washington wore seersucker. pete: he might have. rachel: it's more like colonel sanders. will: i've seen that picture of ben franklin. today the i will wear my seersucker. [laughter] pete: well, it's fourth of july week, it's anticipatory, so you might already be thinking about -- well, you already know

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where you're going to be on the fourth, but when are you going to go shopping for the cookout, and how much is it going to cost? it's going to to cost a lot more this year. if you're cooking for 10 people, the average cost for this fourth of july, independence day, $7 is. 71. and that is up 30% from just 5 years ago. will: yeah. here's how it breaks down. 2 pounds of ground beef up 1 is 11% versus last year, not 5 years ago -- pete: that's just last year? will: 2023, yeah. pork chops -- are they a big thing on fourth of july? that's up 8%. potato chip, up 8%. hamburger buns up 7%. half a gallon of ice cream, everybody buys a gallon, up 7. a pound of cheese, 1%. but everything, yeah, everything more expensive. rachel: and they try to tell you that it's not happening, but everybody who goes to the grocery store knows it is which is why when we saw that viral

3:18 am

video yesterday that went out of the guy who happened to have the same -- or he saved his cart from three or four years ago a -- was it two years ago or three years? pete: it was two years ago. rachel: it was $400 versus $100 and some. that's what people are feeling when they go ott grocery store, and that is as much of a problem for joe biden as that a debate. pete: absolutely. these numbers feel probably low too in real estate. rachel: yes. pete: there's always a these averages that they do, and the reality is much higher. i don't think i ever ordered pork chops. will: i'm still thinking of the -- pete: that's what i was thinking of. with. will: i like the idea of a pork shop -- rachel: i buy a pig every year. i -- a guy down the street is a farmer, and and i buy a pig, so i get every cut. will: how do you make a pork chop -- rachel: mine's mt. oven. will: there's no flavor in a pork chop.

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rachel: not as good as a steak, no question. will: there's got to be a recipe that we're missing. rachel: when we come back, let's do a pork chop cooking segment. pete: okay. rachel: you down with that? pete: i think it was forced upon us because there was utility in it. back in the day you ate the whole pig -- will: i'm holding out. there's a good pork chop. there's a barbecue joint in texas that does -- pete: maybe it's chopped with proper seasoning on it? if that could be it -- rachel: nothing's as a good as the shoulder. will: help us out, friends@fox news pete: it's never going to the beat bacon. rachel: i agree. we're going to move to this, the supreme court set to end its term with one of its most highly anticipated decisions tomorrow. pete: we'll find out if trump's presidential immunity chance i out. we have legal analysis -- pans out. we have legal analysis coming up

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pete: hurricane beryl quickly becoming the first hurricane of the season with winds as fast as

3:24 am

a 85 miles per hour. the category 1 hurricane is heading towards several islands in the caribbean including barbados and granada. let's turn to meteorologist rick rick reichmuth. rick: guess what in it's now a category 2. strengthening, probably gets up to a category 3, may june, form this far east. this is normally the area that we see these storms at the peak of hurricane season, in august and september, and we've never had a major -- excuse me, the average major hurricane is around september 1st, is so we are well ahead of schedule here. do have hurricane warnings in effect effect down across that southern or lower lesser an tilling lease, but notice our track for this takes it through the caribbean, does not pull it up, at least at this point, closer to the u.s. probably making some sort of a landfall around the yucatan peninsula of mexico sometime friday, in towards saturday. after that, a little early to say, could have some impact on

3:25 am

parts of the u.s., but we have plenty of time to track it. will, over to you. will: tomorrow the supreme court is set to rule on one of its biggest cases of the year with, presidential immunity and whether it can shield donald trump from prosecution. what can we expect and what does it mean for his white house bid? attorney rebecca rose woodland join us now. rebecca, good morning to you. this is expected to be a big day tomorrow at the supreme court. it does seem to be, and tell me if i'm correct in this, coming down to whats an official act of the presidency and what is a personal act. the presumption being that donald trump might have some level of immunity for any official act as president but not for what would qualify as a personal act. >> it seems to be that, will, i totally agree with you. based on the arguments on april 25th when the supreme court heard this case, we had some justices questioning the idea of absolute immunity which is what trump's attorneys argued, that

3:26 am

all act as of presidents are immune. and it seems to be that the judges are looking to fact-specify what is an official act versus what is a private act. and the immunity would be granted for official acts while during presidency. now, what the specifics of those acts would be, we'll wait to see whether the decision actually dictates which acts or sends it back to the lower courts to determine the differences between what the president is charged by jack smith and official versus private acts. will: so and the reason that you and i are both honing in on this distinction is that's what was revealed in oral arguments by the justices. and it did seem to be that, for example, even presumably conservative or more favorable justices like amy coney barrett or neil gorsuch weren't open to the trump team's idea of

3:27 am

complete, blanket immunity for a president. so then it comes down to let's distinguish between different types of acts. can i just ask you this? but as a matter of function, what the court would probably say is we're going to send that back, like you said, and a lower court would look at the facts. but wouldn't they need to give us some tests? official acts generally look like x and personal acts look like y. >> yes, i believe they would probably in the decision define in the broader scope which is an official act and what is a personal or private act and then possibly send it down to the lower courts to be fact-specific regarding this particular president because remember when the supreme court's writing a decision, it's not only for this decision, it's for the future. so it will be the law of the land. so it won't be fact-specific most likely, or or there will be distinctions within it. it'll set the law and then have some fact-specific distinction

3:28 am

for this particular caseful but there's a possibility it goes to the lower court for those fact-specific rulings. will: and as a practical effect, rebecca, if it's sent back then to a lower court, what we're talking about is extending the timeline. this just gets a longer is and longer process, right in. >> oh, sure. will: and then what that means is we don't have a -- we most likely don't have a real conclusioning to this case anytime before a 2024 election. >> oh, no, because if it returns to the lower court for any sort of hearings or arguments on the fact distinction, then you'll have the opportunity, the president will have the opportunity to appeal if he disagree withs with in that. so between the lower court hearing this and then appellate processes back up to the supreme court, all of that will last well beyond the next few months. and if the president is voted in in move, i would assume that he will ask the doj to drop any of

3:29 am

this, any of this investigation -- will: right. >> -- into january 6th. will: all right. still will be a big day tomorrow. we'll find out something that i think democrats have banked a lot on, this being part of the deciding factor for 2024. rebecca rose woodland, thank you so much. >> thank you, will with. will: already. virginia democrats trying to end a nearly 1000-year-old program benefiting the families of fallen and disabled service members. we're talking to two of the people fighting to restore the it coming up. ♪ just say the word, girl. ♪ i won't quit til the good lord says -- with so many choices on there are so many tina feys i could be. so i hired body doubles. mountain climbing tina at a cabin.

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3:34 am

for illegals but not for those who lost someone in the line of duty. our next guests have led the effort to restore it. it's wives of fallen and disabled service members that are horrified by the efforts to remove it in the first place. donna lewis is a gold star wife, and kayla owen, her husband is 100 to% disabled veteran. thank you both so much for being here. la, were you -- first of all, how shocked were you that this was where they decided to cut, on the backs of vets and military families? >> i mean, in a year where virginia has a $5 billion surplus, it's absolutely astonishing this would be where they decided to make cuts. it makes no sense whatsoever, particularly legislating through the budget and under the cloak of darkness, could not be with any more un-american. pete: yeah. donna, did you have any heads up that this was coming? it's a big bill. it didn't seem to be something that was publicly discussed, and then they decided to slash the hugely popular, beneficial

3:35 am

program for military families. >> yeah. i caught wind of it probably back in april, and i thought there was no way this would actually happen and go through. and then, you know, we actually saw the budget that was released on may 11th, and it was in there on page 641 out of, i don't know, 6550 pages, and they had removed any language about vms stuff identifying it. so it wasn't really easy to search for it. and we went to the capitol, i think a lot of our legislators that we spoke to were told this really wouldn't impact us. it sounds like maybe they were given some, you know, not correct informationful -- information. and then they had passed the budge and the governor signed it, so now we're working to repeal it. pete: is, kayla, where are we in the process of trying to restore this program is? because most legislators, the governor as was mentioned by donna, have is said, okay, no, no, no, we want to restore it,

3:36 am

but there's some really hard headed democrats that are standing by this and don't want to move. >> there are. and, you know, friday the house took up the bill, it was a 932-. for some reason the house leadership that are democrats had no issue passing this unanimously. so when it's going over to the senate now, you have the majority in bipartisan support in the senate, yet the head of the senate finance committee has said that she's going to refuse to docket the bill. so despite the fact that the they're the majority including democrats that want to pass this in the senate, she is saying she's not going to let that happen which is absolutely unbelievable. pete: as was, as was mentioned, there's a big budget surplus in the state of virginia. the cost of the program is significant, we can put it up on the screen, and it has increased from 2019 to 2023. but when you consider the size of the budget, consider the size of other programs, consider what states like virginia and others are giving to illegals, it's a

3:37 am

drop in the bucket. and so what's the why here? why would they target rt this program? why is there a democrat in the who's throwing down on this particular bill? >> i mean, that's a great question. i think many of her constituents have reached out to ask her, and she has ignored them and won't respond to the them. so i don't know why. it is an expensive program, and there probably might need to be some changes. but what we're asking for, what the senate had originally put in their budget was actually the study the program and make changes based on that study. pete: incredible. kayla, i mean, your husband uses the program to go back to school, get an education, allows him to take care of your family. the kids of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice have an opportunity to use this program. 6,000 received a waiver in 2022 and 2023. there are a lot of virginians who have given a lot for this country. it's a popular program that was

3:38 am

stolen in the if middle of the night. it's a righteous fight you have to bring it back. thank you both for standing up and keep us updated. >> thank you very much. pete: you got it. thank you. all right, the conservative movement taking hold worldwide as voters look to send a message to president emmanuel macron. how this election could impact the white house race right here at home. everybody wants super straight, super white teeth. they want that hollywood white smile. new sensodyne clinical white provides 2 shades whiter teeth and 24/7 sensitivity protection. i think it's a great product. it's going to help a lot of patients. here's why you should switch fo to duckduckgo on all your devie duckduckgo comes with a built-n engine like google, but it's pi and doesn't spy on your searchs

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♪ if. rachel: today in france

3:42 am

president emmanuel macron is in the political fight of his life as voters head to the polls with the country poised to elect its most conservative-leaning government since world war ii. one conservative party adviser explaining, quote, the people of france are fed up with their cloistered parisian leadership living high on the hog while their cities burn. youth unemployment remains high, crime continues to rise, racially-motivated attacks and violence on french -- on native french persists. and insiders warn the potential collapse of macron's progressive government could impact president biden here at home. dr. mitra is executive director of the american ideas institute and joins us now. welcome. >> thank you very much for having me. rachel: you got it. really quick, so populism on the rise everywhere in europe except for england, correct? if. >> that is quite correct which

3:43 am

is the funniest thing, because the british conservatives when they voted for brexit, the british popular liberals and the labour party, they said, you know, we should look at europe. and now europe is turning right, so i don't really know where they're going to go. rachel: i'm super fascinated about a ukraine. so this has really big consequences for america and our funding of the war. so -- >> that's right. rachel: -- what is the right position in europe and in france at this moment? >> so a couple of things. one, the french president has immense amount of power compared to u.k. or the u.s. the french parliament is turning right, so essentially what's going to happen is they're going to enter a phase called cohabitation where the parliament, essentially the senate in the french system, will have all the powers. and the french right has already mentioned that they are going to stop the budget, that that they're going to have budget constraints on macron, and they're not going to spend so much money on ukraine. so france, traditionally one of the most hawkish countries on

3:44 am

ukraine in europe, is going to have to turn mellow. and that, in turn, will have an effect on president biden because if the friend. -- if france goes, then there is no european country that actually wants to do much in ukraine. so it is essentially going to be more american pressure, and that is not really going to fly. rachel: yeah, that's fascinating. 9 a lot of people in europe don't want to fight or or fund the ukraine war. what the heck are we doing over here spending billions -- >> that is right. rachel: who's going to win? >> sos it is, at this point in time there is a if speculation that it would be a hung parliament in the case that there would be a significant chunk of far-left electorates who are going to win, and there would be a significant chunk of the far right who have power. so essentially, france is entering a stage where it's going to be the in paralysis up until the point that the president declares that that he needs to have a general election for the president's body.

3:45 am

now, the problem with macron is he destroyed the french center. he came to power, he destroyed the traditional republican party, and it is essentially a one-man party. so if he goes away, there is no future of the french center. so it is essentially going to be a country divided between the right and the left. rachel: interesting. is immigration the main factor, or is it also the economy right up there with with it? because what's interesting about the immigration issue is that it's not really about a, you know, they're stealing jobs from you in france, it's more about the violence and, you know, the instability. am i correct about that? if? >> you're absolutely correct. immigration with, i mean, when people say that most of the european elections are because of the economy and that is the reason why they're turning right, they tend to forget that it is the immigration which is driving the economy, and that is why the french are turning right or throughout europe, for example. most of the people who came to france post-2015 don't have jobs, they don't speak the language. there's a massive amount of

3:46 am

crime. they're majority male, and that a's the same case with germany and sweden, in finland, you name it. that is the reason why, you know, the french people are so afraid of new immigration measures that have been taking place. also one of the things that is a problem in europe is the reason they're not being able to solve the immigration problem is because the european commission of human rights. it's the european human rights ideas which stops them from deporting people,that is not going to change unless there is a new government if power which destroyed that post-1945 immigration human rights rules. and and that is what we are expecting. rachel: so interesting. illegal immigration, by the way, in france, 320,000 just in the last year. >> that's right. ray so illegal immigration, crime, the economy and stupid wars, sounds like a lot of america's problems. we're keeping an eye on what's going on in france and in europe and this populism that i think is infecting the world.

3:47 am

perhaps for the better. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you very much for having me. rachel: you got it. pete? pete: thank you, rachel. we'll turn now to a few additional headlines starting with this one, 11 people in milwaukee were hurt when an escalator malfunctioned at american family field yesterday. fans were leaving the brewers' game after the team lost to the chicago cubs when officials say the escalator began moving at, quote, an increased down ward speed. >> i'm watching the people ahead of me getting piled on top of each other as everybody's falling over each other that is hitting the bottom. pile essentially took both of us out. pete: all the victims, thankfully, expected to be okay. a runaway escalator. ooh. and the tsa is expecting a busy travel season as we approach independence day. the ago agency estimates they will screen 28 million people through july 8th.

3:48 am

they say travelers are look to extend this holiday weekend since it falls on a thursday this year. take a long one. the tsa's bracing for july 7th to be the busiest travel today of the year, 4th is a thursday, friday -- okay, that's sunday, everyone going home. got it. and china is sending a pair of giant pandas to the u.s. for the first time in more than two decades. the pandas left china a earlier this week and are on their way to the san diego zoo where they'll be on loan for 10 years. zoo officials say the bears won't be on display for several weeks. they're going to give them time to get settled. they will announce a debut date for the pan thats when they are ready -- pandas when they are ready. man, people love pandas. okay. to each they're own. they're cute. all right, an unbelievable moment on the water. watch this. >> that is a shark. >> oh, my god, that is a africaing shark. >> that's a great white shark. >> that is a shark like i've

3:49 am

never seen. >> wow. pete: we're going to talk to that couple coming up next. ♪ if -- you can buy me a boat. ♪ you can buy me -- needs to be for more than just work. like when it needs to be a big, soft shoulder to cry on. which is why downy does more to make clothes softer, fresher, and better. downy. breathe life into your laundry.

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♪ pete: a massachusetts couple having their own jaws moment when their boat was surrounded by five massive sharks in a recent lobster fishing trip. >> oh, god. oh, god. >> wow. >> no, it's a whale. >> it's a shark. >> that is a whale. >> that is a shark. >> oh, my god, that is a freaking shark a. >> that's a great white shark. >> that is a shark like i've never seen. >> wow. will: that couple joins now. [laughter] wonderful shot seeing you there on on this morning. >> hey, how are you? will: let's set the record straight, carrie. i'm now led to understand it wasn't great white, right in you were surrounded by sharks and they were giant but not a great white. >> you're absolutely right. my wife and i, we were9 out sort of the unofficial start to

3:54 am

summer here in new england. we get our lobster pots out, and we were surrounded by i would say 25-foot, you know, i want to call 'em sea creatures, but they were basking sharks. we're not marine biologists, we're just fishermen out this having fun. and, you know, to see these sharks coming at you, you're not sure what they are at the time. they certainly vem, a great white shark. i don't know. >> well, everybody -- [audio difficulty] i thought it was a whale at first, but once i saw -- >> yeah. >> a little bit closer, i obviously said that's a shark. pete: we could hear it in your voice. we could hear -- it's not as if you went i out once and i saw a shark, you guys are on the water a lot. is this the the first time you've encountered something like this? >> i've grown up on the water myself, so we've seen, you know, pretty much all there is to see out there here many westport, massachusetts, but never seen a

3:55 am

25-foot shark. i mean, to see something like that is really remarkable, you know? no matter who you talk to, whether it's a commercial fisherman down at the docks or the harbor master, someone over at the marina, they're going to tell you that it's a pretty remarkable experience. for me, it was really a wonderful encounter. i know my wife, she can speak for myself herself, but i think the video says it all. rachel: i think of myself even though i had the protection of the boat, it would still prescribing me out. were you scared? >> yes, i was, because i -- we thought they were, you know, great whites. and our boat at the time felt really small. [laughter] rachel: yeah. >> and you've been to the movies and we're also familiar with moby dick or the tragedy of the -- and is you're just thinking, oh, this is going to be the time that they decide to kind of bump you or whatever.

3:56 am

i didn't exactly no. it made -- [inaudible] if made in westport, massachusetts, at tripps right over here, so i had some faith. but it was a really incredible experience. >> i think seeing the size of the sharks if nothing more, i think it, it may advance my efforts. i've been advocating for a larger boat for many years the -- [laughter] pete: time for a bigger boat. rachel: did you end up getting lobster on that trip? >> well, on that rip we were laying our pots. so we lay 'em out there, we bait 'em -- but we've been eating lobster all week, so -- rachel: i'm jealous to. we need lobster rolls not pork chops here. will: great. thanks for sharing that experience. awesome video. rachel: take care. all right. well, dating deal-breakers. would you end a relationship if the other person switched political parties? how many americans said yes? ce. now you can save big on ge appliances

3:57 am

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they may have pain from a common condition called osteoarthritis. now, there's solensia. solensia is a once-monthly injection to control your cat's oa pain. veterinary professionals administering solensia who are pregnant, trying to conceive, or breast feeding should take extreme care to avoid self-injection. self-injection could cause allergic reactions like anaphylaxis. ask your vet about solensia and help get your cat back to their normal. my family is sacred to me. it truly is all that matters.

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