Apex Legends: What's In The Item Store? (2024)

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Apex Legends: What's In The Item Store? (1)Jon Ramuz

APEX-March 29th 2023, 11:00 GMT+2

Apex Legends has a live shop with multiple currencies and rotational items. You can find this week's items listed beneath, as well as a guide to the currencies and reset time of the Apex Legends store.

Apex Legends: What's In The Item Store? (2)

Obviously, nothing comes close to the glorious feeling of a BR win (besides absolutely smoking a team in the Arena and then round 3 bow hunting them), but what's any victory worth if you look like an amateur that got lucky? Separate yourself from the day-one players with some of Apex's incredible skins. And if you've been playing for a while, you might be sat on enough Crafting Materials and Legend Tokens to get some of this stuff for free. So let's take a look at what's in the store this week!

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Apex Legends Item Store: Sun Squad Collection Event

You can find this selection of bundles under the Seasonal tab, as these are all part of the Sun Squad Collection Event:

Apex Legends: What's In The Item Store? (3)
Item / BundleFeatured Weapon / LegendBonus Item/sApex Packs IncludedPrice (Apex Coin)
Shoreline Savior Bundle



Sub-Mirage Bundle




Bring the Pain Bundle

Bangalore / Devotion



Bloody Buccaneer Bonus Bundle



Neon Spectre Bonus BundleWraith / Sentinel None32,500
Flourished Steel (Emote) Ash None01,000
Flickering Ember Unlock BundleFuse / R-301 Unlocks Fuse 01,000

Apex Legends Item Store: Featured

This part of the Apex Legend's Store is the Featured section. This is basically the store's homepage; it's always open and, you can find every kind of item here, it just depends on what they decide to sell that week.

We have a lot to choose from this week:

Apex Legends: What's In The Item Store? (4)
Item / BundleFeatured Weapon / LegendBonus Item/sApex Packs IncludedPrice (Apex Coin)
Pewter Pair Bonus Bundle

Pathfinder / Peacekeeper


Deep Current Bundle




Friendly Fire Skin




Strength And Power Bundle


Banner Frame / Holo


Fluid Mechanics


The Intensifier (requires Fluid Mechanics)HemlokNone01,800 (or 6,500 Legend Tokens)

Allocated Steel

Rampage None01,800
Death Blossom (requires Allocated Steel)RampageNone01,800 (or 10,500 Legend Tokens)
Apex Legends: What's In The Item Store? (5)
Item / BundleFeatured Weapon / LegendBonus Item/sApex Packs IncludedPrice (Apex Coin)
Alabaster Titan Bundle



No Chill Bonus Bundle

Revenant / R-99



Crimson Queen Skin




HEart Stopper Bundle


Banner Frame / Holo


Apex Legends Item Store: Monthly

The Monthly section of the store is for (you guessed it) month-long deals. This month we have a decent collection of skins to pick from:

Apex Legends: What's In The Item Store? (6)
Item / BundleFeatured Weapon / LegendBonus Item/sApex Packs IncludedPrice (Apex Coin)
Rune Perch Pack Bundle


Weapon Charm

Outland Warrior Bundle

Bangalore / Spitfire


Oni's Shadow



Royal Livery BloodhoundNone01,250
Crown Jewel


Baracudea Bundle Caustic Banner Frame 0500
Desert Doctor Bundle LifelineBanner Frame0500

Death Row Bundle

RevenantBanner Frame0500
Roll Out Emote


Apex Legends: What's In The Item Store? (7)
Item / BundleFeatured Weapon / LegendBonus Item/sApex Packs IncludedPrice (Apex Coin)
Loba Edition

Loba, 30-30 Repeater

Weapon Charm, Badge


Seeker of Knowledge


Blood and ThunderGibraltar None0


Outlands Explorer



Norse Code

Mozambnique None01,250
Feeling KOI BundleRampart Banner Frame0500

Plum Juice Bundle

Wattson Banner Frame0500
Collateral Damage Bundle


Banner Frame0500
Fully Assimilated (emote)Revenant None0500

Apex Legends Item Store: Item Packs

This part of the Apex Legend's store is for Item Packs. These are basically the random loot crates of this game. You get three items, and you might get that Legendary skin you wanted, or you might get nothing but trash, so continue at your own risk.

A single Apex Legend's Item Pack costs 100 Apex Coin ($1), and here's how the probability of getting high-end loot breaks down:

Probability Per Pack100%24.8%


It's fun, but it is also a kind of gambling, so as we said - continue at your own risk with Item Packs.

Apex Legends Item Store: Mythics

This part of the Store is where you buy high-end Prestige Skins for your characters, and Heirloom melee weapons. Prestige Skins and Heirloom weapons are unique to each character and can only be bought with Heirloom Shards, but we go into how to acquire Heirloom Shards further down in this article.

Prestige Skins Available This Week

We get one Prestige Skin in the store each week. This week we have Bloodhound for 150 Heirloom Shards:

Apex Legends: What's In The Item Store? (8)

Heirloom Weapons Available This Week

ItemLegendPrice in Heirloom Shards
Biwon BladeCrypto150
Energy ReaderWattson150
Problem SolverRampart150
Dead Man's CurveRevenant150

Cold Steel

War ClubGibraltar150
Death HammerCaustic150
Too Much WittMirage150
Butterfly KnifeOctane150
Boxing GlovesPathfinder150
Raven's BiteBloodhound150

These are some of the best items in the game, but don't worry if you don't have the Shards yet, it's a long-term project.

When Does The Apex Store Reset?

The Apex Store reset's every week on Tuesdays at 12:00 PT (15:00 ET, 20:00 GMT, 21:00 CET). This is when the Weekly Update occurs, and you can usually expect bug fixes and balance changes to be implemented at the same time. So fear not, you'll never need to wait too long for that new Loba skin you were after.

Apex Legends Currencies

In Apex Legends, there are three main currencies that can be used to unlock new items, and buy or craft cosmetics. Here's how they appear in game:

Apex Legends: What's In The Item Store? (9)

There's also a very rare and exclusive currency called Heirloom Shards, but you won't find nearly as much of that in your time playing Apex Legends. Let's deal with the three main currencies first.

Apex Coins

Apex Coins are the premium currency, these are directly exchanged for real world money. Apex Coin is basically V-Bucks, CoD Points, Riot Points, or VP, from similar games. Here's how much they cost, and how much they equate to Legend Tokens:

Apex Coins USD


750 (Price of 1 Legend)$7.50£5.99€7.50

Crafting Materials

Crafting Materials are found in Apex Packs and can be used to craft weapon and character skins. The best items you can craft peak out at around the 2,400 price point, and you can expect to find this many Crafting Materials when you get the following rarities in packs:

  • Common (Grey): 15
  • Rare (Blue): 30
  • Epic (Purple): 200
  • Legendary (Gold): 600

You cannot buy Crafting Materials with Apex Coins, unfortunately. They can only be acquired in Apex Packs.

[Crafting Materials]

Legend Tokens

Legend Tokens are a currency you earn for free by levelling up, although they can only be spent on buying new Legends, re-rolling Daily Challenges, and unlocking skin recolors. You get 600 Legend Tokens per level up, so for every 20 levels you'll get 12,000 tokens, which is just enough to buy a new Legend. Re-rolling Daily Challenges costs 200 Legend Tokens, and skin recolors vary in price.

You obviously can't buy the best things in the game with Legend Tokens, but having a free currency you can grind for is a nice addition to the game.

Heirloom Shards

Heirloom Shards are a rare type of currency that can only be acquired from Apex Packs, and very occasionally through events. These can only be spent at the Mythic section of the shop, and once you've purchased everything in the Mythic store, you will no long find these Heirloom Shards in Apex Packs. Fun fact, you've got a less than 1% chance of finding Heirloom Shards in Packs, so count yourself very lucky when you do.

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Apex Legends: What's In The Item Store? (10)

Apex Legends: What's In The Item Store? (11)

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Apex Legends: What's In The Item Store? (2024)
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